Franchisee Training & Support

Char-Hut’s initial training and ongoing support defines the difference between us and other QSR franchises. Our initial training is approximately 8 weeks followed by 7 days of training at your location before you open the doors to the community.

Your training program is intensive and covers operations from back of the house to front, including:

  1. Recipes And Food Prep
  2. Quality And Service Standards
  3. Inventory Procedures
  4. Equipment And Safety
  5. Brand Compliance
  6. Food Safety
  7. Sanitation And Health Code Compliance
  8. Best Hiring Practices

Training, however, is only the beginning. At Char-Hut, we provide daily email communications and phone support from our operational and marketing support teams. Our team provides you with years of accumulated knowledge and expertise in the QSR industry.

Experience counts, and our extensive expertise helps our franchise owners operate a successful restaurant. Often our support team will call you to check in about how we can help. Yes, we will often offer suggestions and provide input, especially in the beginning, as we share a common goal: to make your Char-Hut restaurant as profitable as possible.

On-Going Marketing Support

One of the benefits of being part of the Char-Hut franchise system is that we have built a brand and marketing strategy that works. Our comprehensive ongoing marketing support provides plenty of value to our franchise system. Our goal is to ensure that you can focus on the customer experience and training of your team while we help with the marketing strategies that will assist you in growing your Char-Hut business.

Your digital marketing presence is part of our overall strategy. We’ll design your local website to be part of our main site domain as well as all the marketing collateral you’ll be using on a day-to-day basis, including menus, print marketing, point-of-sale marketing, social care and social media. But it means so much more. Following are a few of the marketing services that we provide for our franchisees:

  • Local website design and maintenance
  • Social media design and monitoring
  • SEO of the Latin Cafe Main URL
  • SEO of your local page within our domain
  • Periodic Facebook boosted posts
  • Setup and monitoring of all online listings
  • Design of all POS materials
  • Access to our Marketing Team for local banners and advertisements
  • Disbursement of all specials via social media channels and website
  • Press releases on newsworthy items from your community

At Char-Hut, we pride ourselves in supporting our units. You can count on your Char-Hut partner never being more then a phone call away.