Our Story

Char Hut Restaurant's BurgerThe 1950s sparked a change in the way burgers were consumed. Customers could head over to their local drive-in and enjoy a processed meat patty with lettuce, onion and pickles nestled between two slices of bread.

Char-Hut revolutionized the burger business by perfecting the taste of a beloved American outdoors pastime: grilling out. And in 1976, the first Char-Hut was opened in South Florida. The Founders, Tony & Michael Cammissa had a vision for what Char-Hut would become. Char-Grilling provided a better product and they knew one day that they would make Char-Hut a South Florida institution and have worked closely with the Char-Hut Franchising LLC to put the pieces into place to expand the brand throughout the Southeastern United States. The original location was a converted Royal Castle Hamburgers in Miami Gardens, and although the family business has come a long way since then, the same backyard barbecue experience resonates in every bite of every burger, chicken sandwich, hot dog and veggie burger.

Tony & Michael Cammisa had a vision for what Char-Hut could become.
The word “barbecue” means different things to different people, but most of us can take a short stroll down memory lane and remember our family and neighborhoods gathering at homes to enjoy the char-grilled taste of perfectly seasoned meats. For nearly 40 years, our top-chef quality and attention to taste and freshness are as original as they were in our first family-owned location. If you want to learn more about what’s involved in bringing our char-grilled taste to your community download our Franchise Kit Now!